About   Autonics UAE  Sensors


Autonics Industrial Sensors

The starting point for all industrial automation systems are the sensing and control. With over 5000 industrial automation products Autonics is one of the leaders in Korean market as well as worldwide. The sophisticated and integrated products offer more advanced and productive solutions through their world class quality and reliability to satisfy customer needs.

Being official agents of Autonics in UAE market Arpi Industrial Equipment we will provide you full support and services along with your required items. Starting from diagnosis ending with wiring and commissioning of full automation system can be carried out by our specially trained technical team.  


Product Range  

We offer following categories and types of Autonics Industrial Sensors:

Autonics Proximity Sensors 

 Fiber Optic Sensor

Autonics Photoelectric Sensors



Defect inspection for canned goods conveyor

Defect inspection

 Detecting the goods on conveyor line

Item detection on conveyor line

Detecting position of elevator

Elevator position detection 


Fiber Optic Sensor

Fiber Optics



About   SICK senssors  Sensors


Sick Safety Sensors

In today’s global economy, new European safety regulations that took effect at the end of 2009 have an impact on global standards. Asia is not staying behind in implementing the safety standards and regulations.

SICK leads the world in safety solutions and services for machines and work areas with its innovative products and solutions such as light curtains, area scanners, safety camera systems, perimeter guards, safe control solutions, and safety switches.


Product Range  

  • Safety Light Curtains
  • Multiple Light Beam Safety Devices
  • Safety Laser Scanner