Power Regulator

Power Regulator

The Products are designed and fabricated for Industrial and Commercial Electrical Heaters. Our product range include imported electrical heater, process controller, process indicator & chart recorder, thermostats, hand meters, electronically control component and accessories, industrial general products, engineering work & etc. Our customers based on electronic and semiconductor factory, electric and engineering factory, plastic factory, rubber factory, electroplating factory, oven maker, panel maker, reseller and dealer across Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

Thyristor Power Regulator W2 series

  • The SCR unitattached with high speed Fuse in order to prevent the damage of SCR to the shortage current (di/dt)
  • Patented efficient HeatSink design with less dimension, easy for installation and wiring
  • The causes of malfunction can be indicated by individual LED lamp, easy for trouble shooting

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Thyristor Power Regulator W3 series

  • Design attached with protecting cover, Securities accession
  • Use the Europeanism separable signal terminal, no need remove signal line to make a replacement
  • Desing for Trigger board by separated, avoid the danger of high voltage or harm to the master board
  • With Fuse Break/Main Power Error / SCR over temperature / Alarm contact output

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Thyristor Power Regulator W5 series

  • Down-opened Panel is easy for fuse replacement
  • Automatic detection with multi-LED display for power out-of-phase, SCR over-heat, and fuse burn-down with one set of alarm dry contact output
  • Independent adjustment of Max and BIAS, easy adjustment for the VR of Max & SFS on the front panel

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