Fiber Optic Sensor

Proximity Sensors

Fiber Optic sensors, photo lens eliminated amplifier combined with fiber optic cable, are ideal where small objects detection and quick response time is required. Moreover, the high flexibility of the optic cable allows easy installation fitting almost anywhere. Autonics fiber optic sensing amplifiers and cables of real compact body offer sophisticated part detection, quick response time and generous sensing range.

  • Convenient DIN rail mounting type
  • High speed response: Max. 1ms
  • Able to adjust sensitivity with high accuracy by Coarse and FIne volume
  • Selectable Light ON/Dark ON mode by control wire
  • Overcurrent protection and Reverse power polarity protection

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  • High speed response: Under 0.5ms
  • Auto sensitivity setting (Buttom setting)/Remote sensitivity setting
  • External synchronization input function, Mutual interference protection, Self diagnosis function
  • Overcurrent protection and Reverse power polarity protection

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  • Dual-display for light incident level and setting value (BF5R-D)
  • Minute object sensing available with 1/10000 high resolution
  • High speed (20000 times per sec.) sensing of moving objects
  • 4 types of response speed setting mode: Ultra Fast mode (50μs) Fast mode (150μs), standard mode (500μs), long distance mode (4ms)

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  • Sets all Functional performance and parameters from external devices (PC, PLC)
  • Supports various communications: RS485 communication, Serial Communication, SW input
  • Connect up to 32 amplifies unites (BF5 Series)
  • Slim design with depth 10mm (W10XH30XL70mm)

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  • The structure with a large number of ultrafine cores surrounded by cladding: Bending available without significant reducing the light intensity and break (Long-distance sensing guaranteed in the environment requiring severe bending): Space saving when cable is installed
  • Realizing high break-resistance with the structure that each cores are surrounded by cladding separately: Suitable for the environment requiring repetitive bending movements (ex: Robot)

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