Area Sensor

Proximity Sensors

The area sensor is the easy to use non-safety light screen for general purposes using multi light beams for the detection of the objects moving in the specified areas. Autonics area sensors, thin, small sized and compact design, offer more reliable sensing solutions equipped with long sensing distance, more advanced and various easy-to-use functions at the most reasonable price. Autonics picking sensors, kind of the area sensor products, is ideal for small part detection and assembly applications.

  • Long sensing distance up to 7M
  • 44 types of products (Optical axis: 20./40mm, Sensing hight: 140~940mm/120~920mm)
  • Increased sensing stability by minimizing the non sensing area
  • Includes self-diagnosis function, mutual interference protection function, external diagnosis function

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  • Slim body with fresnel lends (W30xT10XH140mm)
  • Wide range of sensing distance (long mode: 0.1~3m, short mode: 0.05~1m)
  • Mutual interference prevention (Frequency Switching Funchion)
  • Light ON/Dark ON switching mode

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