• Convenient DIN rail mounting type
  • High speed response: Max. 1ms
  • Able to adjust sensitivity with high accuracy by Coarse and FIne volume
  • Selectable Light ON/Dark ON mode by control wire
  • Overcurrent protection and Reverse power polarity protection

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  • High speed response: Under 0.5ms
  • Auto sensitivity setting (Buttom setting)/Remote sensitivity setting
  • External synchronization input function, Mutual interference protection, Self diagnosis function
  • Overcurrent protection and Reverse power polarity protection

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  • Dual-display for light incident level and setting value (BF5R-D)
  • Minute object sensing available with 1/10000 high resolution
  • High speed (20000 times per sec.) sensing of moving objects
  • 4 types of response speed setting mode: Ultra Fast mode (50μs) Fast mode (150μs), standard mode (500μs), long distance mode (4ms)

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  • Sets all Functional performance and parameters from external devices (PC, PLC)
  • Supports various communications: RS485 communication, Serial Communication, SW input
  • Connect up to 32 amplifies unites (BF5 Series)
  • Slim design with depth 10mm (W10XH30XL70mm)

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  • The structure with a large number of ultrafine cores surrounded by cladding: Bending available without significant reducing the light intensity and break (Long-distance sensing guaranteed in the environment requiring severe bending): Space saving when cable is installed
  • Realizing high break-resistance with the structure that each cores are surrounded by cladding separately: Suitable for the environment requiring repetitive bending movements (ex: Robot)

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