ARPI INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT L.L.C. is one of the leading companies in the field of industrial automation and system integration delivering the most comprehensive and competitively priced products and services in UAE (Dubai) market since 2008.

Nowadays, in the new era of automation, the technological advancements in process monitoring, control and industrial automation, have contributed greatly to improve the productivity of virtually all manufacturing industries throughout the world. ARPI with its wide range of industrial products and engineering services can help you to increase the productivity and decrease the costs of your production with the most optimal system integration solutions specially customized as per your requirements.

We achieved this position and name known in the industry by covering all our valuable customers' requirements through our divisions and professional experienced team together. We proudly introduce our Trading division and Engineering Services division to cover all our customers' requirements from a single product to a complete application solution.



Our wide range of products helps us to satisfy our customers' needs and cover their requirements ON TIME with very competitive prices, high quality products and service. 


 Product Range


Delta Inverter VFD

Human Machine interface - HMI



  • DELTA Electronics Delta Electronics UAE - Arpi Industrial - VFDs, PLCs, HMIs, Servo Systems, Encoder, Temperature Controllers, Power Supply
  • AUTONICS Autonics UAE, Dubai - Arpi Industrial - Photo Sensor, Proximity & Capacitance Sensor, Fiber Optics, Timers, Counters)
  • TRIO TRIO Motion Controler - Arpi Industrial - Motion Controllers
  • SEWHA CNM Sewhacnm Load Cells UAE - Arpi Industrial - Load Cells, Indicators, Summing box, Weighting Systems
  • YASKAWA MOTOMAN  Yaskawa Motoman UAE, Dubai - Arpi Industrial- Industrial Robots
  • SICK SICK sensors UAE, Dubai - Arpi industrial - Sensors, Safity products
  • LS MECAPION - Encoders, Servo Drive, Servo Motor
  • GOLINK - SSRs, Limit Switches
  • APEX - Gearboxes
  • FOTEK - Fiber Optic Sensor, Level Switch, Phase Relay


  Delivery and Points of Sales

  • We highly appreciate our customers' business and understand the importance of time, so we always deliver all the required items to our customers' site urgently.
  • As well, all our products are also accessible for our customers through our point of sale in Al Qusais Industrial area 3 – Dubai. We can be easily contacted by +971-4-2672255.


After Sales Support 

  • Our professional sales team together with our experienced engineers and trained technicians are ready to provide all the help you need and all the attention you deserve



Whatever your needs are in the area of virtually any production or industry, ARPI INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT is the partner of your choice offering full range of industrial engineering services.


  Factory Automation & System Integration

Bring new life to your old machines and equipments with our system integration solution fully customized as per your requirements.

System integration includes following steps:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Design & Drafting
  • Wiring & Installation
  • Programming & Commissioning
  • Testing
  • Repairing

The areas for system integration include but are not limited to:

  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Systems Integration.
  • Enhancing Human Machine Interface (HMI) with advanced graphic user interfaces
  • Control Panels fully designed, wired and tested by our professional team
    all components used are of reputed make and of high quility
  • Weighing solutions for any customized application


  Industrial Robots

ARPI INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT has integrated Robotics to its portfolio and is proudly associated with "YASKAWA, MOTOMAN Robotics" Japan as sole agents in U.A.E. Industrial Robots can be used  in various applications such as Material Handling, Packaging, Palletizing, Arc welding, Spot welding, Assembling etc.

Yaskawa Motoman MA1400 - in Dubai


  Maintanance & Rescue Services

ARPI INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT is all what you need if you have any machinery or automation control system emergency.