Panel Meter

Timer & Counter

Wide range of Autonics panel meters are the cost-effective and high performance tools for the display and control of the analog variables such as voltage, current and frequency, and also speed and duration of the various industrial devices. You may choose any product to satisfy your needs from our wide range of product line-up.

Servo Cables & Accessory

  • Max. display : 19999(M5W), 1999(Others)
  • 7 Segment LED Display
  • Case size by DIN specification
  • Linear display function by INPUT specification, Input : 4-20mADC, Display : 4mA → 0, 20mA → 600

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Servo Cables & Accessory

Depending on input data, display unit can display about 60 different kinds (digit, alphabet, symbol) of characters.

  • D1AA Series
  • D1SA Series
  • D1SC Series
  • D5Y Series, D5W Series


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Servo Cables & Accessory

  • Upgraded version of LR7N series
  • Display up to 10000RPM
  • Display AC Frequency
  • Protection structure IP66 (Front panel only)

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Servo Cables & Accessory

  • Various output function: Relay output, NPN/PNP open collector output, Low speed serial output, BCD output, PV transmission, RS485 communication output
  • Various functions: Prescale function, Data monitoring function, Hysteresis width setting function, Max./Min. value monitoring function, Delay function, Auto zero time setting function, Lock setting function, Delay of display period function

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