Control Instruments

Industrial Control Instrument

Different types control Instruments are important parts of the control system for any industrial process. With the wide range of certified, high quality control instruments, we provide complete solutions for various fields of industrial automation. Our range of control instruments  includes Temperature Controls, Timer & Counters, Panel Meters, Pressure and Humidity transducers, etc.

  • Temperature Controller
    Delta Temperature Controller

    Thermocouple-type and resistor-type temperature controllers measure temperature electronically, obtaining the temperature change from the sensor and sending the measured data to the electronic processor. The output device will then control the temperature variation within a specific range. Delta's DT series temperature controller has fast output response, accurate PID parameter auto-tuning and various built-in output types, allowing different systems to reach a stable control status very quickly. 

  • Timer / Counter
    Timer & Counter

    Counters & Timers are the basic tools widely used in automation process of various industries. We offer the wide range of industrial counters and timers, designed, manufactured and tested to meet the most demanding worldwide standards and ratings of a reputed brand. Autonics timer/counters have reliable, space-saving and easy to replace design, offers increased functionality, flexibility and performance.

  • Panel Meter
    Timer & Counter

    Wide range of Autonics panel meters are the cost-effective and high performance tools for the display and control of the analog variables such as voltage, current and frequency, and also speed and duration of the various industrial devices. You may choose any product to satisfy your needs from our wide range of product line-up.