Programmable Logical Control - DVP-SEline


DVP-SE series is the most complete network type slim PLC in the industry. It provides 8 digital Inputs and 4 digital Outputs, and can be extended with left-side and right-side DVP-S series modules. DVP-SE has built in high-speed mini USB, Ethernet, and 2 RS-485 communication ports.



Delta DVP-SE Series PLC



Specification & Features


  • MPU points: 12 (8DI + 4DO) 
  • Program capacity: 16k steps 
  • Data register: 12k words 
  • Higher execution speed compared to the competition: LD: 0.64μs, MOV: 2μs 
  • Built-in Ethernet supports MODBUS TCP and Ethernet/IP 
  • IP Filter function is a firewall that offers the first line of 
    defense and provides protection from malware and network threats 
  • Supports DVP-S series left-side and right-side modules 
  • No battery required. Maintenance-free. 
    (Real time clock operates for 15 days after power off)






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