Programmable Logical Control - DVP-SA2line


The 2nd generation slim type PLC DVP-SA2 offers bigger programming capacity and executing efficiency, having 100 kHz high-speed output and counting functions. It is extendable with left-side and right-side DVP-S series extension modules.



Delta DVP-SA2 Series PLC



Specification & Features


  • MPU points: 12 (8DI + 4DO) 
  • Max. I/O points: 492 (12 + 480) 
  • Program capacity: 16k steps 
  • COM port: Built-in RS-232 & 2 RS-485 ports, compatible with Modbus ASCII/RTU protocol. 
  • Can be master or slave. 
  • High-Speed Pulse Output: Supports 2 points (Y0, Y2) of 100kHz and 2 points (Y1, Y3) of 10kHz independent high-speed pulse output. 
  • Extendable to Max. 8 Modules: DVP-SA2 is extendable to analog I/O, temperature measurement, input DIP switch, PROFIBUS/DeviceNet communication modules and single-axis motion control functions. 
  • Built-in High-Speed Counters

    1-Phase 1:     Points - 3/5;   Bandwidth - 100kHz/10kHz
    1-Phase 2:     Points - 1;      Bandwidth - 100kHz
    2-Phase 2:     Points - 1/3;   Bandwidth - 50kHz/5kHz






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