Programmable Counter/ Timer - CTSline





  • Supports RS485 communication (Modbus RTU) function: Parameter setting and monitoring via PC: PC loader program ‘DAQMaster’ provided free of charge  
  • Increased contact capacity of load to 5A (Previous model: 3A) (CTS, CTM)
  • Sets one-shot output time from 0.01 to 99.99 sec. per 10ms
  • Diverse input/output modes available
  • Available to set 6 digit prescale value (0.00001~999999) (4 digit: 0.001~9999)
  • Added BATCH counter indication mode for CT6M-1P and CT6M-2P
  • Available to set Count Start Point (Initial value)
  • Memory backup function (For indicator)
  • More diverse time range
    (6 Digit: 999.99s / 9999m59 / 99999.9h, 4 Digit: 9.999s)
  • Available to set “0”
  • Counter/timer function selectable
  • Multi-functional counter/timer (include 829,728 functions)
  • Prescale function
  • High speed counting of 10kcps
  • Batch counter function (CT6M-1P, CT6M-2P only)
  • Voltage input (PNP)/No voltage input (NPN) selectable
  • Individual ON/OFF time setting in Flicker (FLK) mode
  • Key lock function










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